Full Mouth Rehabilitation Dentistry in Honolulu

Improve the Appearance of Your Smile & Fix Common Aesthetic Issues

We believe no one should hide their smile, especially if they wish it could look better. You don’t have to settle for problems that hinder your self-confidence. Dr. Kenneth K. Woo is an experienced full mouth rehabilitation dentist who is dedicated to improving your smile by treating teeth that are discolored, chipped, misshapen, or missing. Our services include total reconstruction, reshaping of teeth, closing gaps, restoring worn teeth, and lengthening short teeth. 

Contact us online or give us a call at (808) 374-5320 to schedule an appointment with our experienced head dentist, Dr. Kenneth K. Woo. 

  • Full Mouth Rehab Before   Photo
    Full Mouth Rehab Before
  • Full Mouth Rehab Before   Photo
    Full Mouth Rehab Before
  • Full Mouth Rehab After   Photo
    Full Mouth Rehab After
  • Upper Bridge Before   Photo
    Upper Bridge Before
  • Upper Bridge After   Photo
    Upper Bridge After
  •    Photo
  • Veneer Before   Photo
    Veneer Before
  • Veneer After   Photo
    Veneer After
  • Veneer After   Photo
    Veneer After
  • Flexible Partial Denture 1   Photo
    Flexible Partial Denture 1
  • Flexible Partial Denture 2   Photo
    Flexible Partial Denture 2
  • Flexible Partial Denture 3   Photo
    Flexible Partial Denture 3
  • Bridge 1   Photo
    Bridge 1
  • Bridge 2   Photo
    Bridge 2
  •    Photo

    Cosmetic Dental Services We Offer

    Dr. Kenneth K. Woo is a skilled dentist and has the before and after pictures to help you examine the results for yourself. There are many options for treating cosmetic dental complaints, and Dr. Kenneth K. Woo offers a wide variety of services to meet your needs.

    We offer the following dental services: 

    • Full mouth rehabilitation: Do you need extensive dental work to straighten, whiten, and fix functional problems with your teeth? We blend cosmetic and restorative dental techniques to fix a variety of aesthetic problems.
    • Crowns: We offer metal-free, porcelain crowns that are shade-matched to blend in seamlessly with adjacent teeth. Crowns are perfect to cover any tooth that is damaged, discolored, cracked, or root canal-treated teeth.
    • Veneers: These incredibly natural-looking porcelain shells are placed over the front of your natural teeth and are great for changing their color and shape. Veneers can cover flaws like uneven surfaces, or teeth that are chipped, discolored, oddly shaped, unevenly spaced, crooked, and more.
    • Teeth whitening: Fix discolored, yellow teeth with a one-time, in-office teeth whitening procedure. This convenient, gentle whitening procedure is much more convenient and quicker and more effective than any drugstore whitening kit.

    Contact Us to Get the Smile You Deserve

    Are you looking for a Honolulu full mouth rehabilitation dentist who delivers dependable, high-quality cosmetic outcomes? Dr. Kenneth K. Woo provides a variety of reconstructive dental services to meet your need when you want to improve your smile, whether that means subtle changes or intensive full mouth dental restorations.

    To book an appointment for a full mouth reconstructive consultation with Dr. Kenneth K. Woo, call today at (808) 374-5320.
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