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Root canal treatment may be necessary if the inner part of your tooth, the pulp, becomes infected or inflamed. Tooth pulp is underneath the enamel and the hard inner layer called dentin, and it contains nerve tissues and blood vessels. Not all patients will have symptoms. Sometimes, a root canal is prescribed if there is a risk of pulp infection, which could happen if you have a cracked filling that has left the tooth pulp vulnerable to germs and bacteria. Without treatment, the infected or inflamed pulp can cause irreversible decay that may require extraction and more extensive restorative dental work. 

Do I Need a Root Canal? 

Root canal therapy may be necessary if you have symptoms like constant toothaches, temperature sensitivity, or sudden and spontaneous pain. This is a possible indication that your tooth pulp has become infected. During your root canal treatment, you will be numbed so you feel no pain during the procedure, only pressure. The procedure begins by using a dental drill to create a small opening to place instruments used to remove the pulp and clean out the space. Next, these open spaces are filled with a material to seal off the chambers. The final step is being fitted for a crown to cover what remains of the existing tooth, which will feel, look, and function just as a natural tooth does. 

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Performing Gentle Root Canal Therapy with Care

Our team at the dental office of Dr. Kenneth K. Woo can meet all of your emergency dental needs, including root canal therapy. As a skilled, experienced dentist who has successfully performed countless root canals, Dr. Woo also prefers to save the natural tooth via root canal therapy before considering extraction. With our team’s experience, we can help prepare you for a root canal and explain why is would be the right choice for you.

Dentist Dr. Kenneth K. Woo has decades of experience performing root canals and will ensure your complete comfort. To book an appointment with our office, please contact us at (808) 374-5320.
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